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May 18 2020 Anchor

hello, recently ive been toying around with the amnesia lantern, so that maybe i could make a lantern for a custom story my friends and i might do in the future, we have a somewhat story in mind but thats not the point. does anyone here maybe know how to make the lantern somewhat opaque? or translucent? ive been trying to edit the .dds file and been screwing with the opacity but nothing has worked so far, does anyone have any ideas? thanks for the help!

May 19 2020 Anchor

You will need 3 programs.
- ddsconverter.exe
- IrfanView(with .dds plugin)
- Easy2Convert Software
- Paint.NET 2.72
- Now, import targeted .dds pictures in ddsconverter.exe or irfanView and convert to png files.
- Open png picture with Paint.NET
double click in that layer in window on the right side
And set opacity by wish(glass 0-255) effect(that`s the key)
save the picture as png.

..if add over something, in tab Layers Add New Layer
double click in that layer in window on the right side
And set opacity by wish(glass 0-255) effect(that`s the key)

optional:draw some rectangle over picture, will be like a glass.
You can import whole picture with bright over it to save time
with command Import from file and import pictures with textures
over that lantern.

-Now save picture with png extension.

-Open that picture with Easy2Convert Software and convert it to .dds


p.s ..if you use some game engine whole process is very easy
just extract with transparent png and convert then.


GatewaySnake Already a demon
May 28 2020 Anchor

First, it has been done before. You can get the add-on here: Moddb.com

Second, the DDS textures in Amnesia aren't complete information about the material. The engine has it's own material file and a suitable editor for it, so editing the texture won't do anything, especially since the material for the lantern isn't using the alpha channel.

Third, what you are trying to do would show the inside of the model which is backface culled, so doing that would make the glass area see-through the entire model.

Fourth, custom lanterns don't work in Custom Stories. You need a Full Conversion mod for that.

Cheers and good luck with modding!


A fallen legend

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