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Aug 23 2017 Anchor

I had an idea for an Amnesia Mod:

Being chased in Karazhan from World of Warcraft, by my Warlock, who is pictured below. I'd LOVE to see Markiplier play this, as he is indeed a World of Warcraft Fan AND got his start as a YouTuber thanks to Amnesia. So, it'd be nice to see him scream like a little girl when he is being chased by the SOB below inside one of the (in my opinion) most beautiful raids in the game's long history.

Warlock Idea

Nov 2 2017 Anchor

While the full robe/armor/weapons would make it too fantasy for me, a werewolf with glowing green eyes would absolutely get me freaked out!

Jan 10 2018 Anchor

Agreed a shadowy scary wherewolf that doesn’t get seen much would be more amnesia like. The beauty of amnesia is it builds suspense and then when your at defever pitch it scares you. So enemy’s are subtle but very nightmarish. This is to far fantasy unless you can make it look scary.

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