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A weird animating riddle. (Forums : 3D Modeling & Animating : A weird animating riddle.) Locked
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Sep 11 2018 Anchor

Hello wonderful Unity community,
What I'm trying to do is, model some kind of naked cartoonish character, rig him, and animate him.
There is no problem there, but what I want to achieve is model for example different hats and be able
to attach them. (Character Customization) Now that's easy and will work becuase we can simply attach
the hat to the top of the model's head and the hat will just follow and stick with the head as the animations are ran.
Now the problem is, what if I want to add clothes (e.g t-shirt, pants...) but not as textures, but as separate models. If I apply the naked body's armature to some t-shirt model in blender and then attach it to the animated naked body in Unity, would that work. I'm not sure what to do. Is there a way I can achieve this type of mechanism?
- Thank you.

Sep 14 2018 Anchor


Attaching cloths to a model is a question I came across while doing this stuff in my game. It is the way you are saying, but it needs some scripting...

1- Model a character, rig it and import to unity.

2- Then model a t-shirt and rig with the character's armature, and import it to unity.

Once you have imported this two elements, you have to attach that script to the t-shirt. Answers.unity.com

Thats solve my problem perfectly!

Hope this helps!

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