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Jan 6 2018 Anchor

Hi everyone,

I've been making a series of art-games for a while. My first one was a video-clip/game called "Sentinel" published here on itch.io and now I've just released my second game "A Fine Mess" which I've been working on for four months now.

I'm actually a professional musician but being such a gamer geek on the side, I wanted to learn how to make games as well. And for the last 5-6 years I've been learning how. I've made some small releases in the past mainly on the Apple's App Store but now this is my first serious game release. As you can imagine music holds a very central role in my games and this one is no different.

You find yourself on a strange island where the world has ended. Up on the sky you see the moon shattered, a city in the distant destroyed and a mysterious woman in an age-old outfit, biding her time on the beach as if none of it happened.

As you traverse this uncanny surrounding, you start to unravel its mysteries. In contrast to a conventional adventure game, there's no hand holding or de-mystifying the story by overexplaining.

It's in black and white and somewhere between a walking simulator, an adventure and a horror game. Here's the trailer:

Here's the itch.io page:


In this game there's more interaction than a standard walking-simulator and it lasts about 30 to 45 mins, depending on how keen you are to find all the secrets.

Thank you.


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