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Sep 25 2021 Anchor

Hello there!

I'm a 3D character artist. I'm looking for a team to join

What I offer

  • Modeling/Sculpting:
    • Zbrush, Maya
    • Characters, Creatures
    • High or Low Poly
    • Organic or Hard surface
  • Texturing / Shading
    • UV Layouts (Maya)
    • PBR Shading (Substance Painter)
  • Logo/Graphic Design (if needed)
    • After Effect
    • Photoshop
    • Illustrator

What I look for:

  • A small, but friendly team to have fun with and willing to grow
  • An interesting project.
    • I like:
      • Unreal Engine, Unity Engine, Godot Engine
      • Story-Driven Games
      • Fantasy games
      • Actions Adventures like Tomb Raider, The Last of Us, Kena Bridge of Spirits
      • Superhero games like Marel's Spider-Man, Batman Arkham Series
      • Fighting games like Art of Fighting, Tekken, Street Fighter
    • I don't like:
      • Simulators
      • Survival
      • most Strategy Games
      • 2D games
  • Preferable (not a must-have) your project should include concept art or concept artist! If there is no concept art at all, you must be able to communicate what art style you are looking for and I might do some concept art.
  • Please keep the project manageable - I don't want to wait years until I can proceed to the next project.
Sep 27 2021 Anchor

hello !

We are building a story driven fantasy skyships steampunk MMORPG inspired by the treasure planet movie ! The collaboration is rev shares until we get funded!

If you are interested to check it out, we would love to hear from you !




Sep 28 2021 Anchor

Hello. I think I have the perfect game project for you - added you on Discord!

Nov 11 2021 Anchor

In case you still searching, we are looking for motivated people to create a tower defense based game. Actually its a warcraft 3 mods that is already played on battlenet and other platforms by thousands of players. The creator of the mod want to make a stand alone and he gather a team to remake it and improve it on unity. We already did some work so far, but now we want to go to the next step and speed up the process. We are looking for modelers to make epic fantastic creatures and beautiful buildings mainly. We need experienced unity devs too. We are passionate people and I hope some of you will join us in this beautiful project (Add me Ymave#3149). We did this in 6 weeks:



The game looks like that in warcraft 3:

Youtube.com (modifié)

May 2 2022 Anchor


Hiring Artists,

Hello reader,

We are trying to put together a demo level, to entice the fans and reboot the Total Overdose game. We are looking forward to getting started as a community-first team, working to get this project off the ground with the complete support of the fans and developers.

Therefore, we are looking forward to hiring people who can help us build the demo level and this will be used to launch a successful Kickstarter campaign.

So the project will be paid work for the developers, thereafter. (Based on Successful crowdfunding.)


1. Have experience in Unreal Engine 4.
2. Have a level design portfolio.
3. Be polite to your teammates, be able to accept constructive criticism, and act on the feedback.
4. Be able to spend at least 20 hours per week.
5. Have a PC that is capable of handling the Unreal Engine 4.27

This is how the hiring process works:

1. Apply to us with your resume and portfolio.

2. Explain the skills that you are good at. We cannot hire all the people, we need a very small and effective team, therefore only the skill that matters to the team right now is important.

3. No pseudo names, only real names are permitted.

4. Be able to attend daily development sprint meetings.

5. Log your work hours under the assigned task in the Studio-provided Project Management software. ( This will help us pay you based on hours you worked.)

6. Be able to dedicate 20 hours a week minimum. Anything above 20 hours per week is welcome, if not don't worry about joining the team at all.

7. Even if you are in a different time zone, there will be 2 meetings each day. Meeting A - for specific time zones, Meeting B - for specific times zone. So everyone can participate in either of the meetings. It is mandatory to choose a slot and stick to that forever.

8. Communication is an absolute necessity, therefore please communicate.

9. A proper Discord group and an official Studio website will be announced soon, therefore every developer will be provided with the company email address.

10. A successful Kickstarter campaign will be launched and everyone will be paid based on their work hours dedicated to the project.

To Apply

send resume to sandymarcus2008@gmail.com

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