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Dec 5 2018 Anchor

My own tldr is basically that graphics is potentially a huge topic, and people tried to cram a lot of graphics functionality into C++ as a first step. A lot of it seemed to be focused on trying to paint a house that hadn't been built yet. Without a simple, completely generic foundation to build fancy features on top of, it wasn't super useful to get off in the weeds of how exactly you would display an image or draw onto it. As people worked on various iterations of proposals, people generally agreed that graphics are cool, and some sort of graphics support could be quite useful, and generally asked, "If this proposal isn't what you want, what do you propose instead?" Downloader.vip PutLocker Appsync.biz

So, I haven't put a ton of thought into this, and I haven't fleshed it out for a formal paper with a precise spec, I'd love to toss a pitch at the Reddit community and see what people think of my spin on this topic. Perhaps it'll evolve into something that I or somebody else actually formalizes into a paper for a proposal.

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