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Jun 21 2020 Anchor

hi guys,

I have 0 understanding of programming and modding, but i have this idea which i would be willing to spend a thousand dollars for.

Pls let me know if its too much, too little and where i can find someone who can do this for me... THANKS.

God of war 4 Arena

Basically a little arena u can build yourself, like that self building thing on GTA 5 just with all the bosses and traps from gow 4.

I want to be able to position the enemies and objekts, floors, walls, traps all that kinda stuff.

Also the limit of opponents like giants come in unlimited and the job is to kill the valk queen. Stuff like that. I would work on this idea way more and skype with the modder but i just wanted to have some opinions or tips from u guys.

:) thx for the help

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