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Zombie Cakes is a cooperative wave survival game where you and a partner bake pastries to feed hungry zombies in order to survive. Join us in our developer journey as we try to make Zombie Cakes the most silly cooperative adventure game that anyone can pick up!

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Zombie Cakes -- Empty Chip Bag Studios

So what are the new features we added in Zombie Cakes for the alpha version of the game? Our major feature change was that we added the ability for the player to travel outside the truck. When we had playtesters play through the game, our largest feedback was that the player roles were very static and boring. One player would get stuck shooting the approaching zombies and the other player would get stuck baking the goods. We decided earlier on in this iteration that we wanted to add the ability for the players to move outside and collect drops from the zombies in order to complete the game. We figured by adding this “third role” to fill so to speak, it would force players to switch between the other two roles, making it more entertaining as each player is responsible for multiple roles. Besides that major feature change, we tried to add more juice to the game by adding light spotlights, redesigning the upgrade experiences, and adding sound effects. We figured these changes would improve the general quality of play for each and every Zombie Cakes player.

In terms of next steps, the team is looking to polishing the game’s functionality and integration. Much of the codebase that is driving the game is either fragile or is already producing small issues, which could prove to be fatal to a player's experience. We want to ensure that the major issues are eliminated by the time the beta is released. Additionally, we want to continue to improve the scaling of the game. More types of foods/projectiles, new interesting upgrades, and zombies with interesting quirks (maybe a boss?) are all on the menu to tackle for the next iteration. While we are trying to keep the scope of the game within reach, we want to bring some new interesting mechanics to the game before its final release.

Please enjoy this version of Zombie Cakes and hope you stay tuned for the next release!

Sincerely, Empty Chip Bag Studios.

Builds: Govis.itch.io

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