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Post feature RSS Ysslandril, the Fulvinter's archipelago

Which island would you like to visit today? Let's do a little tour around this world of viking inspiration.

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Discover Jotunheim, a continent in miniature

Are you a lover of hiking or water sports? Its mild climate, thick forest and abundant rivers will allow you to practice outdoor sports throughout the year. Are you more adventurous? Jotunheim is an island with more than 3000 years of history, delve into the ruins of the extinct civilization of Stone Giants.

Concepts4 Jotunheim

*Fulvinter's travel company isn't responsible for the deaths by crushing by the landslides of giant rocks.

The pure adrenaline is called Muspellheim

Are you intrepid enough to visit an active volcano? Are you tired of being so cold? Well, you cannot miss the climbing route through the chimney of the magnificent Surt volcano. You can show your friends the most impressive pictures! But not everything is going to be risk, take as well-deserved rest in Muspel's spa! They're famous for rejuvenating you 5 years by bath, discover the secret of the longevity of the Vinking Gods.


*Fulvinter's travel company doesn't take care of possible burns suffered or lost fingers for touching the lava.

**Fulvinter's travel company isn't responsible for deaths due to falls to the lava for selfies.

Nidavellir, it's fun for the whole family

Are you one of those who prefer cultural trips? Nidavellir is the island with the highest density of Escape Rooms in the northern hemisphere. Visit the Dwarf Theme Park, where you can try to lift Mjölnir (Thor's hammer), sail on Skíðblaðnir (Frey's ship) or take pictures with Sif's wonderful golden wig. That's not all! Take the opportunity to bring precious stones to your relatives as souvenirs.


*Nidavellir is an underground island, Fulvinter's travel company isn't responsible for the claustrophobia attacks or the inhalation of toxic gases in the dwarf facilities.

**Fulvinter's travel company isn't responsible for the hands cut by the dwarves for the crime of picking up precious stones.

Expand your spirit in Nifelheim

Open your chakras inside a glacier, contemplate the solemnity of the sacred red-tipped trees and purify your body in its famous mist. Make a cold trip where your spirit can transcend your body and contemplate The Great Sleeping Ice Good. We guarantee that this trip will be so inspiring that you won't return from the island, being the same!


*This island has limited capacity, Fulvinter's travel agency will make a casting of visitors according to their bodily attributes.

**Fulvinter's travel company doesn't confirm or deny that there's a dragon that eats tourist. In any case it doesn't take care of the disappearances.

I hope you had enjoyed it. See you! ErYnIs

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