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This is a quick explanation of our World Events system.

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The World Events system is one that is a little bit unique. These are not quests or jobs, but sometimes they generate them by the effect. I’ll give an example, as well as how the system works. If you want another example, let me know.

The system
On the multiverse master server is a databank of allot of things, one is world event possibilities by planet type and sun type. I won’t go into full detail but what this system means is that we can add new events to the database without having to send out a patch. When an event happens, it is sent to the server, along with the assets needed for the event, which is then live patched into the games of your players.

Zombie Hoard (The classic)
- In this event, were going to make a zombie hoard, the event starts out with a randomly selected option:
1) Bacteria
2) NPC Necromancer
3) Magical Accident
4) Dimensional Rupture
5) Angry Diety

- This is how we build the event, starting with “how did this event occur?”. This allows us to make a semi dynamic storyline to every event. This also works on tech levels, for instance, in number 1, this is most likely to be in a world with dna manipulation occuring, whereas number 3, you need a magic based world. Number 5 is also one that may or may not be possible for your dimension. The first step is to find out which ones are possible, then randomize it.

- Once the basis is selected, say in this case a Dimensional Rupture, we set up the event. First off, we add a mini dimension onto the server, a zone if you will. This is where you have to go to stop it. We then place the rupture on the planet. Now comes the fun part, what type of zombie is this?
1) Bite transmission - once bitten, if not cured, the body will slowly die and become a new zombie
2) Infection apon death - once infected, if the body dies it will turn into a new zombie
3) Adaptation - Does not infect, instead adapts itself with new limbs / replaces limbs with better ones
4) Abomination - As they grow they take on aspects of what they eat, they don’t infect, and at a certain stage they create new versions of themselves
5) Dark Swarm - Usually magical parasites that eat away at the host and take control of the body apon brain death, the body is still alive, simply a new mindless part of the swarm.
6) Nanite / Nanomachie - Reanimation at its technologic finist

- Yet again, some don’t fit all of the starting selections, so once its selected, it limits what is created. how that we have our baseline zombie, and were doing a Dimensional Rupture, the event starts. You don’t get a warning of the event, you will hear of the zombies from townsfolk. As well as the guard warning you before you leave of something happening south of the town, or wherever it happens to be.

- In the case of this one, we’ll go with Dark Swarm. Your players or npcs have to make an immunity to them, via potion most probably, and a cure incase someone is infected but not turned yet. The swarm seems to only transmit via direct contact, so ranged attacks to destroy them work for the moment. Once you have a cure you can be more aggressive and find the dimensional rift. Then its a simple matter of entering, solving which of many ways this is being done, and shutting it down. Along the way, possibly picking up relics, new magic primers, or anything else that’s in there.

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