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And not a development log entry was made... Engine changes, a small side project, and a devlog video series!

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The original plan to release development logs in a timely manner ended up not happening... Unless you consider 5 months to be timely.

To give a quick summary of what we have been up to: We wanted to expand the engine's feature set (such as adding an entity component system) to make it easier to work with, and to allow for more advanced gameplay. Unfortunately, this ended up in an engine rewrite which seemed like it would never end. Desperate for a quicker alternative, we looked for a third-party 2D game engine that we could use. None of the engines matched our requirements, but we liked the idea of using one of them (an Adobe Flash Player compatible engine) to create a small single-player game; sort of a morale boost, since Areum's development will take longer than originally planned. That is why we are now working on a game code-named "Warplane".

"Warplane" will be a classic arcade shoot-em-up that you can play in your browser. It will be a small game (and thus relatively easy/quick to develop), but it should be fun :) We are also trying out something new with this game: We will be creating video diaries of the process! There are currently 12 episodes, and you can check them out here: Game Development Vlogs

This does mean that Areum is currently on-hold, but that does not mean we are abandoning it! We still think about it every day, and we plan on returning to it.

Thank you very much to everyone who is interested in Areum! We hope you will also enjoy this small side-project we are working on, and forgive the delay :)

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