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Weapons are now useful! I spent some time improving the way the player uses weapons!

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Weapons are now very functional! I spent some time refining the way the character uses weapons so I can plug in new animations in the future, and swap out the player's skeleton/model much easier. This will come in handy when I start to work on character customization. The character customization part is the only part I'm feeling afraid of. It will likely be the hardest part of creating the game, and I could very well run into problems. I think I will allow the player to change it's "player's" color as a customization option for a placeholder in the future. But anyways, the next release is coming out soon, but there is not much that you can SEE that has changed, so I understand if you don't want to download until more has been added. But as usual, I'll see you soon! Thanks for listening in!

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