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Right now in Resthill, the people call for a revolution, and the empire will do anything to stop them. Choose a faction to join and fight for Resthill!

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The Imperials: The imperials are a powerful group of soldiers and generals who prize money power and order over anything else. They will bribe, steal, kidnap and kill to protect their members, secrets and mostly their money. The imperials have been in power for a few years and have greatly abused it, which is why the Rebels wish to overthrow them. They are led by General Tavair, one of the most brutal men in Resthill. If the imperials won the war, the rebels would be wiped out and Resthill would be subject to whatever General Tavair ordered...

The Rebels (or the Freerights): The Rebels are a group of devoted people who use guerrilla hit and run tactics to sabotage the imperial forces. Currently, they are gathering their army to help liberate
all of Resthill's cities although this is easier said than done and thy'l need some serious help. The rebels believe all men should be free and equal and that tyrants like General Tavair shouldn't be allowed to rule, especially such a powerful political position.

Who will you join: Will you fight for order and power, or freedom and safety? Your choice..

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