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Welcome to our combined Devlog 6 + 7 posting. This time we show you our new item drop pop ups, camera features and everything we've polished in the last few weeks. Enjoy!

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Twist of Destiny has had a great leap forward the past few weeks!

We have burned through long bug lists, spent hours tweaking and refining camera effects in code and put out assets far ahead of the few levels we showcase currently to ensure that when code is ready, the layouts + maps are ready alongside it.

In these two videos you will see showcase of our various projectile-based attacks. These explode on impact and cause damage. The Skill for Meteorite is also shown - which will be avaialble with Sorceress Zakira. On impact, this skill casts damage on a whole side of battle with a percentage opportunity to cause a burn debuff on your enemies! Watch as we cook a few tomatoes!

For the rest of October, we will be bravely travelling into the realm of content adding, items, item drops, Victory Defeat screens and a save functionality.

As an FYI - contrary to our last release, we are planning to use Steam Saves to encourage our players to retain their save file and play on multiple PC's - such as from work, school, friends house ;)

Twist of Destiny Devlog 6

Twist of Destiny Devlog 7

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