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Post feature RSS Tower of Sorrow - Color Blind version on the way!

Announcement about new version for color blind players, showing example and three news related to the project and Neofuturism.

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Since Tower of Sorrow use 3 color palett: red for background, white for collisions and green for enemies, those colors was hard to see for people with protanopia and deuteranopia. This is why I decide to prepare a special version of the game for color blind players. Since i didint know how to do it, I poke uncle google and I threw the crumbs for a blue bird and find this usefull article: Mkweb.bcgsc.ca

As you can see on image below there is a huge change. I can't give a tips like "everything red is part of background" when for color blind player red and green are same colors, this is why i change red to blue (include that tips).

difference between versions

(here is bigger version: Media.moddb.com)

Three annoucment at the end:
1. Demo for color blind players are ready for download.
2. Full version will be avelable december 16 and it will be as update not separate version.
3. From december 15 will be Neofuturism winter sale with 50% off. Neofuturism.itch.io

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