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We have changed some things around and now made it easier to use the toolkit :)

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Originally Posted By: Matt "Steadi"
Hello There, Sorry for the lack of updates. First, I would like to thank all of those who support this engine and cannot wait for it to be released, you will be some of the first to receive beta versions.

Recently, I have been working hard on re-writing the engine to make it support OpenGL and SDL so that we can make the engine run twice as fast with loads more awesome features like 3D objects. Yep, you can now add 3D objects into your game and make a fun 2D/3D gaming experience. Aside from this, the main goal for Version 1.2 of the toolkit is to focus on the "project" area of the toolkit.
When beginning a game, you start a new project and it pretty much just sits there on your desktop with a fancy name as a folder; What I wanted to do, is actually make these projects actually helpful. So, I have created a brand new toolbar item called "Project" and in there you will find things such as:
Clean Project - Get's rid of all useless files.
Open Directory - Open's up your Operating Systems default browser and finds your project.
Publish - Open's a publish wizard so you can build your game and send it to others.
Options - Allows you to change the default build, what platforms the game supports, what compiler you will use, ect... ect...

So now that we have a couple of awesome features added for projects, what's next?
The next step is to make a fully compatible Project Folder that can be shared between your Dreamcast, PC, Mac, Linux, DS and iPhone with virtually 0 changes made to it.

Whoa, Whoa, Whoa... Did you say iPhone?
Yes. Although nothing is official as of yet, as soon as the Mac version is optimized, I will begin work on the iPhone, iPad and iPod version with OpenGL ES 2. Don't worry, though, none of the functionality changes with each platform so the game will run identical on all platforms.

How long are we going to have to wait for the Sega Dreamcast Version?
I won't lie, the Sega Dreamcast DOES run games made in the toolkit at the moment. BUT, it is in no optimized state and will not be until some other platforms are done.

What do you mean by "Optimized"?
When the basic engine core is fully implemented into each platform, it then needs to be optimized for speed, stability and power-testing. When a platform has been optimized, it means that lua has been added, all the functions are available and we are ready to move onto the next platform.

Okay, so how far along are you in optimization?
Here is a "rough" list as to each platforms current engine optimization:
Windows XP / Vista : 0%
Windows 7 / 8 : 40%
OSX : 60%
Unix : 40%
Sega Dreamcast : 10%
NDS : 60%

Thanks For Reading,

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