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This article is about the Country of Tonway. Such as what its armys are like and what is its base race. Also, about the government and stuff! Pretty much all you will need to know about them!

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Tonway is a Human based Country. The government is strict about violence and drinking is only allowed on certain days in their cities. With a large population they are wealthy, so they have no trouble supplying the front lines in their war against Kronkz. They are strong in numbers when it comes to war, also with there advanced weapons there army is well fit to fight.

Their Heavy tank is by far the strongest one on the field: The H2-T3 Concept Art
When it comes to ground attack fighters also they have two of the strongest and well armed ones in the air:
The K-13 Ground Attack Concept Art
The 12-Bax Light Frigate Concept Art

When this army rolls in, you better hope your on there side of the battle. There main infantry weapon is the VN-30 Assault Rifle, which makes them able to hold and attack fast and hard!

More Information on this Country will be added later!

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