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To the Absurd Life | Dev Diary #1 : A Brief Introduction

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What is To the Absurd Life?

To the Absurd Life is a survival game.

You may have played this genre before. Brought to an isolated island, you have to explore the area to find food and other resources, so that you survive.

To the Absurd Life is in the same genre. This time we bring you to Sisyphus — a deserted space habitat once lost in the universe.

Any differences?


In To the Absurd Life…

Woods are woods, not just numbers in your inventory slots. Resources have realistic behaviours. They float around in the ship, collide with each other, run in the wind, freeze at low temperature and ignite on fire. All resources are real objects rather than numbers in UI slots.

Machines are machines, not just selfies. An insulated room with ice cubes in it can prevent your food from spoiling. But we do not have a refrigerator for you , you need to construct it by assembling bricks. Conveyor belts or maybe turrets? All your decision to make.

Living things are living things, not just NPCs. Plants give you food and oxygen, animals give you meat, they may attack you though. But we do not have a tree for you, these living machines are composed of living bricks, as well as the refrigerator we mentioned above.

Energy is everything, not just a concept. Everything need energy to run, resources, bricks and even the player character. Without energy, the whole world die. Problem is that Sisyphus travels around three suns, which means the energy supply here is unstable…

Why the name — To the Absurd Life?

Life is absurd. — Albert Camus

Who is making this game?

They are: Chunhua Studio (@chunhuastudio) | Twitter

Dose it support … ?

This version runs on PC, and it will be single-player only.

How is the development going?

There are still a lot of work to do. I think the progress bar is now locating at 70%. But we already have a playable demo, and if everything go well, we would like to release this demo to a small group next month.

It looks like fun!

Thanks! Watch this project to join our community. We’ll keep you updated here.

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