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The biggest indie gaming stories for the week of October 7 2018.

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For this recurring segment, we will be highlighting the five biggest stories on IndieDB for the prior week. Whether it's demo releases for upcoming indie games, Kickstarter campaign announcements, or important stories that affect the indie gaming as a whole, you'll find them rounded up here each week.

The Week of October 7 2018

This is the biggest version of Geneshift yet and plays like a whole new game! This new mode has all the usual features of a Battle Royale: orbital drops, looting, a shrinking circle of death, and last man standing. But there are a few unique twists on the BR genre too. The main one being that each round is only two minutes long!

DASH - Danger Action Speed Heroes is a 2D precision platformer where you create and compete among creators from the entire world. Let your level design and speedrunning skills loose! Inspired by the magic of other "level makers" DASH takes the worlds of level creation, level sharing, and speedrunning to new dimensions!

Beyond Horizon is a 2D side-scroller game focusing on story and exploration both on land and within the stars. Explore dungeons, towns or fight space pirates with your ship, while uncovering the lore and the secrets behind the Sigma and the original race, all of this is just Beyond the horizon.


Earthquake Gif 002 OPtimised2


From: Freejam

CardLife is an online multiplayer survival game set in a cardboard Science Fantasy world - think Dragons, Mechs, Magic, Lasers & Dinosaurs. CardLife is super mod-friendly, and we're excited to build the world together with you, the players!

Shores Unknown is a single-player tactical RPG featuring an innovative gridless battle system combined with epic fights against raid bosses and large armies. Shores Unknown takes place in a land ruled by the iron-fisted Crown, and policed by the fearsome Inquisition, from whom it is said there is no escape. To the south lies the Empire and perpetual war, while to the north there is only the Murk—a seething wall of fog from which no ship has ever returned.

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