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5 out of 30 types of Monsters MachiaVillain will offer.

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A quick break from our Kickstartering to introduce you to some of your future minions!

In MachiaVillain you'll order around classic horror movie creatures, monsters from modern spooky legends, and new evil beings straight from our twisted minds.
The first 5 we've programmed to the game are our "oldie but badie" monsters, there is so much more to those monsters from classical western culture, we thought you may like to know where they actually come from. Even if our monsters are cute and fun, they were still born in horrific tales from all over the world.



The word zombie come from the haitian voodoo culture where people were brought back from the dead with specific rituals. It first appeared in western culture in a book called The Magic Island in 1929. Later they appeared in books by authors such as Matheson, Lovecraft and film director Romero who created this legendary living dead craving for brains.

In MachiaVillain, Zombies are the most basic and stupid worker and fighter. Have you seen a zombie with PhD ? Neither have we. We thought having loads of zombies would be fun for the players and participate in the evil lord mindset.
They have a very clever disguise (well more clever than the average horror movie victim),
they can grab and retain visitors from escaping,
and contaminate victims that can turn to zombies… or possibly rot.



The process of conserving human bodies was spread all over the world for millennials. There’s been mummies in Africa but also in Europe, Asia, America and Polynesia. The first mummy to appear in the horror western culture was in a novel published in 1827. It became really mainstream in 1922 after the discovery of Tutankhamun by archaeologists, and the popular beliefs that they could have been cursed.

In MachiaVillain, the mummy is a little more evolved than the basic zombie and he’s quite an efficient worker and fighter.
They can wrap like an egyptian (wow, this is a terrible pun. Sorry).
And they will be able to place a curse.



The vampire myth takes its root from legends of people drinking the blood of their opponents. There were many legends about them before being mainstream. This change happened with Bram Stoker’s Dracula in 1897. This story featured the count Dracula who had to drink blood to stay healthy, couldn’t be seen in mirrors, and could impose his will. Since then, vampires inspired a lot of people ranging from Twilight to Interview with a Vampire.

In MachiaVillain, vampires are very powerful and very demanding, those classy monsters have high needs. But in exchange they’re powerful fighters that attack swiftly. They can also hide by turning into bats or hypnotize victims that will turn against their old friends.
They'll also be able to drink their victim directly, stealing some of their life for themselves.

Frankenstein's creatures


Frankenstein or more accurately Frankenstein’s monster was created in the book of Mary Shelley, Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus in 1818. In the book, a scientist makes a creature that’s actually smart and capable of speaking, unlike the clichés of Frankenstein. This is one of the first horror story to also feature science fiction in literature.

In MachiaVillain, Frankenstein's creatures feels really heavy and belongs to the “tank” category. They move slowly but can take lots of damage and will be a perfect frontline for your expeditions. Besides a powerful close ranged attack, they can also stomp the ground and create a small earthquake, causing damages to everyone around, including allies.



Werewolves or Lycanthropes are human that can turn into wolves and vice versa. Wolves, as they were hunters that could eat men’s herd, were considered like demons. Men chased wolves as much as they could and all along history there were legends about people that could shapeshift into wolves. It mostly happened in Scandinavians country where it’s said that in order to become a werewolf, you had to be naked and wear a belt made of wolf skin. Kids, don’t try this at home, it’s just legends…. or not.

In MachiaVillain, the werewolf is a fierce fighter made for combat. He will help you overcome every monster hunter coming and pushing the spiders back. But his hunger for meat is insane. Damn big wolves. They can also howl, paralyzing victims within a certain range around them.


Fangferatu is a type of Vampire that will be exclusive to backers from our Kickstarter, to thank them for their early support.

Nosferatu is one of the first horror movies and it’s a direct adaptation of the book Dracula, however, the director didn’t have the right and the film was sentenced to get it’s copies burned. The film's aesthetic was quite impressive and it remained legendary.

In MachiaVillain, Fangferatu is a vampire with the ability to jump directly to his enemies to deliver a powerful blow. Take that, silly visitors!


Those are just first monsters, and their first set of skills, we're aiming for at least 30 different types of creatures with a variety of villainous attacks, defenses, poisons, and of course curses.

If you want to help us reach that goal, you can support MachiaVillain Kickstarter by sharing the campaign!

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