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This is an outline of the typical game/match in this new game.

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So, you're all probably wondering exactly how a typical match will function in this game, well, here's how it all goes down:


You will be prompted to choose between two factions, the Russians, or the Chinese (or if you're in a campaign, it'll be picked for you.)

This decides what characters and vehicles you have available to you, as well as you're starting position/base.

Starting Positions:

The Chinese spawn units underground, because of their underground tunnel networks, they also have access to the underground tunnel network which you can exit at certain areas to emerge from the ground, the downside, though, is that it's never a good idea to see that you came out right in the middle of an insane firefight, and get your ass kicked.

The Russians, control the R.U. Motherland, the biggest space station ever, it was built as a defensive platform and was just released recently, it's built off of the international space station which they completely bought. Russians will have to jump off one of the jump platforms, lol, so you fall from space, down to the battlefield below.

Buying Vehicles/ Characters:

You'll get a terminal for buying units/vehicles in the game. You can only buy these at your spawn point, and then, according to what faction you are, you either jump or emerge.


The objective of every game is to destroy the enemy base, they will have defenses and they will defend it with their lives, loose your base, and you fail, you will fight man to man, vehicle to vehicle, and, if the situation calls for it, super weapon to superweapon.

Super Weapons

When the situation calls, you will be available to use a superweapon, the Chinese superweapon is a nuke, while the Russian superweapon is a massive super cannon on the R.U. Motherland, which fires a giant laz0r that pwns any target of your choosing. How you deploy these is you grab a flare, and right in the middle of the map is a "flare terminal." So, you get a special "flare unit" that has to get to this flare terminal and throw down the flare, then, you have to aim, and FIRE!

Hope you all are looking forward to this.


so it will be multi?

and ... looks great!

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EvilConker Author

Nah, no multi, sorry about that, I don't know net coding.

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