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In this article ENP goes over some basic concepts and story elements in nightmare.

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We are consistently reminded that our perception is limited by boundaries that of which are time and space and many others we cannot even conceive.

Perhaps one of the greatest modern games to show this is the recently released Bioshock infinite with it's whole spin-off of quantum physics and perceptual reality.

Nightmare takes place in a fictional earth that of which allows I the designer to create rather odd and thought provoking scenes but also allows me to explore yet another parallel in our ever so mysterious world.

Combining both the psychological theories of Sigmund Freud the unconscious mind and lucid dreaming with a world far unlike our own adds in the horror of the reality we all face every day we are utmost clueless.

With nightmare I hope to take the player to a world perhaps a better one ... a world within our shadows on the border of our unconscious.


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