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See how the look and feel of our game changed by changing from 2D to 3D.

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Hello everyone.

We are happy to announce this is a really BIG CHANGE in the game. Please have a look at the following images:


Game Style Before


Game Style After

We did multiple things here. So let me guide you through the improvements:

  1. We changed the gameplay space from 2D to 3D. Meaning now we have elevation!
  2. The old camera had an Orthographic projection. The new one is Perspective.
  3. We started using real light instead of using dark images to simulate darkness.
  4. This happened in the backend, but worth mentioning anyways. We did a lot of code refactoring. This will help us a lot in the future when we are adding more features.
  5. The running changed. The feeling when running is much much better. Also, the footstep SFX changes depending on the surface you are walking on.

Here is a 13 seconds video showcasing the changes (Before and After):


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