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We Will Show You Some Of The Features In Our Game, The Last Enemy :

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1.Open World
2.No Limit in Game Play
3.Upgrade + Perk + Magic !
4.More Than +10 Weapon s
5.More Than +10 Magics
6.More Than +15 Perks
7.More Than +25 Weapon Upgrades
8.Fully Feature Story Line Based Player Chooses.
9.Huge Cast of Characters !
10.More Than +10 Dynamic Puzzle !
11.High Detailed Modern Graphic !
12.More Than +5 Places, From Under The Sea To Space And Desert !
13.Borderland + Fallout3 + Call of Duty + Skyrim + KillZone + So Many Other Combination Game Play.
14. Awesome .Awesome .Awesomeness .

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