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This is an article explaining the Lannister Faction in Game Of Thrones multiplayer.

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currently the Lannister have four main units but i'm hoping to add 2 more by the end of the week.

Lannister militia consisting of cheap light armor and weaker man usually this is the first 3 round kind of units.

Lannister infantry consisting of heavily armored Lannister soldiers and officers forming the main units of any Lannister army.

Lannister crossbowman used to take out heavily armored opponents a crossbow is an excellent weapon to use from afar but it take a really long time to reload.

Kingsguard a late round units it's armor is one of the best armor in the game and one of the most expansive used by units who defend their king during a battle these men have the skill and weapons to take out any unit rushing towards them

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