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Today I had the opportunity to do an interview with over his new mod, The Hunted Chronicle 3. Carni is also known for his work on EzQuake, Construct, Final Blackout, and the previous 2 ‘The Hunted’ Chronicles.

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Today I had the opportunity to do an interview with ChrisPage over his new mod, The Hunted Chronicle 3. Carni is also known for his work on EzQuake, Construct, Final Blackout, and the previous 2 ‘The Hunted’ Chronicles.

ImTheDarkcyde: What inspired you to make a mod about zombies

CARNI: What inspired me to make a mod involving zombies was that I really like all those survival horror games, and enjoy first person shooters very much. But when I made The Hunted Chronicle 1 I did it more as just for fun in about 10 days. Afterward about 2 weeks later a mod of the month award, and roughly 40 emails regarding the mod I started to try and be a bit more creative and take it seriously.

ImTheDarkcyde: What game or movie has been the biggest influence so far?

CARNI: No movie influenced me but I saw on planetquake.com the current mod of the month was "Escape From the City of the Dead" which was a pretty straightforward simplistic mod that took the quake2 engine and kind of warped it into something that resembled a zombie based survival horror, once I saw that I kind of motivated myself to try and make a simple one kind of like that back when I just started THC1.

ImTheDarkcyde: Though you get a lot of the credit for the series, who else has helped out with your mod?

CARNI: Well my friend Atrium reskinned the menus and did a couple of the skins for the zombies. Baart contributed a newer version of the HUD and the medical kit skin and also made most of the zombie skins. And RatoN made the music.

CARNI: Oh, and Bart .

ImTheDarkcyde: Why Darkplaces?

CARNI: I picked Darkplaces because I've been working with the Quake1 engine for roughly half a decade, and Darkplaces is a newer more up to date version that still support quakec coding (which I do) and brings it to a newer level than 256 limited color palettes and low poly models. Also with Darkplaces I can release the modification under the GPL as a standalone game. This really helps for getting other people who otherwise wouldn't play it due to not owning quake1. Also its just a fun engine to mod and can really shine amongst
the high rollers out today with the right talent.

ImTheDarkcyde: Have you had to make any custom modifications to Dark Places?

CARNI: No, fortunately the person who created Darkplaces (Lord Havoc) is very friendly and added support for The Hunted the day he heard of it. Also Darkplaces gives a lot more abilities to the quakec coder than straight quake.

ImTheDarkcyde: The second chronicle offered a major improvement over the first, that major improvements will the third have over the second?

CARNI: Well the 3rd installment is being recoded from scratch, and so far its gone pretty well, so if I keep things organized and plan accordingly there should be several new things. But some of the new things at he moment are the flashlight, which takes advantage of dynamic lighting. This will be used a lot because there are plenty of areas with no light sources whatsoever. Also there is crouching which adds the ability to fit in
ventilation shafts, debris, etc. Also NPC's that help you in some areas throughout the lower levels of Harchid.

The weaponry has a mix of old and new weapons stemming from the old Shotgun from THC2 to the Gasoline can which is used to incinerate your enemies. Also strategic missions such as burning down a church and evading sentinels as to not alert the guards are in creation, I have some other ideas, but none of them are set in stone.

ImTheDarkcyde: Cool. What is it that keeps your mod from becoming "just another zombie mod?"

CARNI: Well originally even when I was just making THC1 haphazardly I tried to implement some puzzles that are kind of rare in the FPS series, these involved basic time puzzles all the way to hidden things in mirrors. I also tried to stay away from "shoot shoot shoot reload" kind of game play that plagues FPS's a lot. By making the zombies tough, and ammo limited. I also implemented "Dream worlds" where you play in the survivor's dream. This kind of let me get a little freaky with the atmosphere and the mapping. Also in THC2 specifically there was a few scripted sequences that tried to keep the player entertained.

ImTheDarkcyde: Are you planning on ever putting all 3 together in one mod?

CARNI: Yes, I've heard a few people tell me to stop releasing them separately and kind of interconnect them into one long game rather than 3 separate files. This would work for THC1 and THC2 since THC2 picks up right where the first one left off. But in the 3rd one you only have brief moments where the chronicles interconnect. This is due to the fact you play as the officer that you see in the later half of THC2. I might actually remake the first 2 and seamlessly mix them together. It really depends on how well THC3 is going
and what kind of length I'm expecting for it game wise.

ImTheDarkcyde: Planning chronicle 4 yet?

CARNI: No, not really, THC3 all by myself is more than enough work in and of itself haha

ImTheDarkcyde: Loose release date?

CARNI: By the end of October early November is what I'm shooting for, but I've been known to take a little longer than I usually foresee.

ImTheDarkcyde: Do you plan anymore updates on your side-mod Construct?

CARNI: Of course I plan to update it! It's just I switch between goofy modding and serious modding every month or so, and it just happens to be this month I picked back up The Hunted series. : )

ImTheDarkcyde: all right! Thanks for the interview Carni!

CARNI: No problem.

And now some images for your enjoyment.

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Good stuff :O

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Cool interview, I actualy look forward to this 3rd one.. the first one scared the **** out of me.. so we will see how it goes!

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Cool cant wait to burn things with gasoline

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Wow, Carni you rock :)

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ImTheDarkcyde Author


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Good work ImTheDarkcyde, I spose I should really have had the first comment but ohwell :P

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i simply love max payne 2 could any one give my directions to som new MODS Out

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