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Deep in the heart of the Alaskan wilderness, Irving Dynamics has built the world’s largest Hadron Collider, which they hope to use to harness Dark Matter energy. But when the facility comes under a surprise and sudden attack, leaving the base crippled and many within it dead, the last hope for the future of human civilization is in the hands of Amber Kingsley, a disgraced former Army Special Forces officer.

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  • Full Voice-over – Featuring some of the industries very best voice actors, which include but not limited to, Danielle McRae (World of Warcraft and League of Legends) and River Kanoff (Heroes of Newerth and Dust: An Elysian Tale).
  • A 3D Projectional Map – It really is cooler to see than explain. Needless to say, the map is a special feature in Dark Storm.
  • Sya Enhanced Projection – See the world in a new way, as Sya, the built-in AI gives the player more information and details about the world than you would ever expect.
  • True First-Person – Experience the Dark Storm universe as if you are in it, featuring a first-person perspective that pull you into the action in a believable way.
  • Dynamic Third-Person Camera – If first-person isn’t your thing, then you can experience Dark Storm in a robust third-person perspective that enhancing the experience with camera-shoulder switching and more.
  • Drone Advance Recon – Launch a tactical drone into the world, which will allow you to scout ahead to pinpoint enemy patrols, hidden positions, or a faster route to reach your objective.
  • Original and Immersive Narrative – Dark Storm isn’t just a video game, it is an experience. We strive to make this a story you care about on multi-levels. You wouldn’t want to skip the cutscenes this time!
  • Drone Advance Recon – Launch a tactical drone into the world, which will allow you to scout ahead to pinpoint enemy patrols, hidden positions, or a faster route to reach your objective.
  • Dynamic Destruction UE4 – Live, fight and die in an environment that reacts to your actions. Use destructibility as a weapon – find new paths or just blow open a locked down. Have fun!
  • Episodic Adventure – Dark Storm: Ascension is only the beginning of a much larger and more complex story, with each new chapter adding loads of new content and drama.

Okay, this sounds interesting. My only criticism is: seriously, evil Russians again? Vanquish even had evil SPACE Russians. If I only learned things from videogames, then I'd think that Russia was a breeding ground for pure world conquering evil.

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Russia is rather expansionist, though, especially if other powers are too preoccupied (or allied) to care.

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Still using Russia as the opposing force every time is overly repetitive.

China, India, & Iran on the other hand are major powers in Asia & the middle east. With the collapse of the US empire both China, Russia, and India would quickly fill the power gap.

China when the time is right would probably proceed to invade and annex neighboring territories such as Mongolia, Japan, South Korea, & Taiwan in an effort to solidify its dominance in the region.

India and China would be competing for resources and as such not too fond of each other while Russia would most likely stay neutral for the time being only deploying its forces to protect its closest foreign allies "resource wise in terms of crude oil & military bases" like Syria and Iran.

If anything China and Russia might go at it along their border seeing as there has been territorial disputes between the 2 in the past.

France, the UK, & Germany would maintain NATO just for the sake of self preservation as Russia is the only real nation that could pose any threat to them in Eastern Europe with Poland and Ukraine for example.

Aside from that they would only deploy NATO forces to protect their resources in Africa and the Mid East and stay primarily neutral.

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