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All of the enemies and areas in Traumerin are based off of my and my loved ones fears. With the upcoming release (and the fact that I haven't posted any news in 3 weeks) I figured that I would share with everyone what the enemies are(except the bosses, their a secret to everybody). It will be plain to see that some of these enemies have a deeper meaning then others.

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The goonch fish

Encountered in the first area of Traumerin. The goonch is modeled after piranhas and named for the goonch fish. Both fish are said to be man eating with the goonch eating funeral pyres that are set out in its native Kali river. The goonch was created for Traumerin due to my massive fear of open water and the unknown beings lurking in the deep.

The Shrimp

Though not actually modelled after a shrimp the shrimp is meant to signify my fear of the tiny beings of the deep that I know nothing about and the fear that instils in me.

The Snail

The Snail is not actually because I am afraid of snails. No its actually the opposite, I've had a number of giant pet snails and they've all been killed by my loved ones when asked to take care of them. The Snail represents my fear of losing the pets that are close to me.

The Jelly

The Jelly is very bland, it was created simply because I'm terrified of jellyfish.

The Wasp

The last enemy encountered in the first world is the Wasp. Originally created to be a mass enemy that rushed the player in a mini game that has since been removed. The Wasp was created due to my fatal allergy to wasp and bee stings and the intense fear that was created due to that allergy.

The Wolf

The Wolf is actually a much more sinister enemy than it appears, I have a very negative relationship with a member of my family, this member of my family loves wolves as such the wolf is a representation of said member of my family.

The Vulture

The Vulture was created out of my fear of death and what comes after death. Vultures circle those dying in the desert and feeds on their remains, this idea led me to create the Vulture to represent the fear of death.

The Spider

The Spider is pretty basic it was created because I'm terrified of spiders.

The Snake

The Snake is another pretty basic one, I'm terrified of poisonous snakes.

The Raccoon

The Raccoon was created to represent my fear of being homeless (kind of abstract I know). Since raccoons are known to root through garbage cans and live in makeshift rural shelters, traits they share with vagrants.

The Virus

The Virus was created to represent my extreme fear of Virus' and Bacterial diseases. I almost died when I was younger and it left me with brain damage, it's something I've always feared would happen again since my immune system was left ruined after that.

The Space Worms

The Space Worms (one of the longest names in the game) are meant to represent my fear of maggots and parasites that feed on the human body (whether alive or dead).

The Alien

I've been terrified of aliens since I was 2, my family went on a road trip to Niagara falls where there used to be a walking ride about an alien invasion. I was terrified and I didn't want to go into the ride but my older brother was determined to go on it (he was too young to go alone and me and my sister were too young to be left alone) so we were dragged in. I wasn't in my stroller so I was walking clinging to my mom, half way through she let go of me and I spent a good amount of time alone in this scary alien ride crying for my mom. And that is why The alien is an enemy.

The Astro

The Astro represents my worst fears of space travel. I've been interested in space since I was a child however I'm terrified of the crushing loneliness and the constant potential death of space travel. The Astro is an astronaut that met an untimely end during his interstellar travels.

The RoboEye

This ones sort of a silly fear but I'm afraid of robotics and AI's monitoring behaviours and (like space 1999) potentially gaining sentience.

The Marionette

Like the other enemies in the fourth world, the Marionette stems from my most basic of childhood fears, living dolls/toys that are murderous (how can you tell I saw movies like chuky and puppet master when I was little). I've always had a strange fear of puppets that are mean't to look extremely human.

The Jack

The jack in the box stems from a very similar fear to the Marionette. I've never had a fear of clowns but I have had a fear of angry clowns (see It for reasons why). A small toy that looked like an angry person dressed as a clown, simply terrifying.

The Hobby Horse

The Hobby Horse comes from the shadows that get created by night lights and the sort as one tries to fall asleep. When I was little my mom sewed me a hobby horse and I loved it but at night if it was in the right place its shadow became a sinister mock of the innocent toy.

The Melt

The Melt is another abstract fear, it represents my inability to remember people completely after extended periods of time. People I knew in elementary school are little more than coloured blobs in my memory unable to keep their form or the correct colours for extended periods of time.

The Nothing

The Nothing is another primal fear, I cannot fathom nothing and the idea of literal emptiness, nothing scares me to death.

With those enemies all summed up and my deepest fears opened to the world I look forward to the release and I hope some of you see your own fears in those that I've presented.

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