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In this article we wish to discuss what Galactic Conquerors actually is, and how we got to where we are now.

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Turn-based strategy is a tricky category for a first game, but we here in Kinahmi Multimedia decided to start with it anyway. The game's creation began early in the winter with concepting and finding our collective tune and opinions. Galactic Conquerors, project named Space Heroes, was meant to be a fun, fast-paced TBS game which wasn't afraid to bring something new to the table in its category.

Galactic Conquerors seeks to bring something new to the players as well as make use of some old, working solutions already existing in some games. Our inspirations are X-COM and Heroes of Might and Magic III. From Heroes III, we wish to bring the assets of turn-based strategy and easy resource management into our game, while taking some of the tactical aspects from the X-COM series that were lacking in Heroes III. We also wish to make TBS games a bit faster with our own movement system which we haven't seen used in at least the bigger names on the market.

The basic idea of Galactic Conquerors is simple: You play in galaxies where you control armies of a few different races within varying star systems. The star systems include their own planets, objects (such as asteroids) and neutral factions. The players race each other on who is the first to conquer the galaxies and rise to power. Sounds simple enough, right? What if we told you the system is going to be something else entirely? Next time, we're going to tell more about the game's movement system, and what sorts of problems and opportunities it creates.

So tell us; What is Your opinion on what makes a good TBS game? How should it be built so You'd find it interesting to play? What general problems and pitfalls do You see in TBS games?

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