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A brief look into the Death Star, and why I am choosing such a random direction as this.

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The Death Star is my new ship release. It will eventually be one of the most powerful ships that I can imagine. It has incredible stats in every category, and will likely be invincible when complete...

Assuming you cover that exhaust port...

It has a working super laser, well, sorta. It's buggy but there. You can vaporize anything in the game. Congratulations!

I spent most of my time, trying to get the super laser to behave nicely as a secondary weapon, but I just couldn't get it to work right. Still not sure what was missing. For now, you must tolerate that it is a primary weapon.

It will has an additional 20 turret slots. Although I haven't bothered to put any tuberlasers into the game yet. I am mostly focusing on refining my design approach. The sloppy arrangement for the Voinian ships was a serious flaw. Admittedly, I had been doing this just for myself, but....

Design Questions

For the death star, balance will be a huge issue....I am not really sure a player could ever amass enough to buy it, but that isn't any fun.

Turret number?

Fighter count?

It's capacity is just ridiculous, I have it set for a million bunks, but that is not enough. Cargo bay? It's got cargo holds big enough for most ships to fit in. Outfits? It has stores that sell the outfits...

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