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Post feature RSS Take A Look At Some Of Our Envirnemental Effects

Take a look at some of the environmental effects we've been working on to punch up the gunfights and keep them visceral!

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It’s been a while since we posted a full article here but that changes today. Work has indeed been progressing on Killing, My Friend and we wanted to show off some of our added effects to make the shoot outs all the more fun and visually interesting. And all of it is made possible by the Unreal Engine! Most of the effects are just add a little visual feedback and visceral flavor to a stunt-filled gunfight. But a few, like the exploding barrels, can have an effect on gameplay. We’re exploring them on our test lab level where were test game effects, stunts and environmental elements.

First off, in paying homage to the tea house shoot out in Hard-Boiled, here’s a quick video of some of the props that will populate our tea house, including a tea set and dim sum steamer.

And here’s our WIP exploding barrels. If you get kills with these, you won’t get a bonus score so they more of an ‘oh crap’ device if you are about to be overwhelmed. But don’t get too close…

And here’s a vending machine with lots of physics objects to shoot inside. Very satisfying.

And last up, various fire extinguishers, admittedly inspired by Overwatch. Only appropriate since they were inspired by Action Quake and Action Half-Life.

That’s about it for now. We’ll be ramping up the updates in the near future as we get ready to release a demo on Steam and launch an all new Indiegogo campaign next month, so keep an eye out for more to come!

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