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Check out the modding solution for this dungeon builder game!

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Super Dungeon Maker, the make-it-yourself dungeon building and crawling game, now features modding support powered by mod.io. Read on to learn more about Super Dungeon Maker and how mod.io will support a new set of community creators!

Super Dungeon Maker is the early access pixel art dungeon editor that just released on the 15th of February. Cute, creative style joins a powerful suite of editing tools and substantial foundation of content to build your dream dungeon (and any spelunker's nightmare encounter). Then, challenge friends and the wider community to completing your gauntlet, or put your money where your mouth is and set the standard yourself!

Image 6
Super Dungeon Maker benefits from a varied, colourful palette of level designs

Level editing is a premise that always draws in fans and creatives of all backgrounds, allowing people to run free with ideas for how best to make use of the tools on offer. It's satisfying, being a gamer, to be able to take a hand in game creation yourself, without the daunting technical requirements necessary for building an experience from the ground up. This is part of what continues to be the appeal of modding - an accessible way to bring your game ideas to life. Games built around this appeal - like Super Dungeon Maker - invariably create passionate communities of their own.

Image 4
Community-generated content takes centre-stage
throughout your experience with minimal developer oversight

Naturally, such tools beget a way to share your creations throughout the community, and the ability to do so across numerous platforms keeps open the possibility of cross-platform community engagement. So it is that Super Dungeon Maker, powered by mod.io, presents players the opportunity to make their work visible to an audience of thousands that, at this early stage, seems destined to grow even further.

Image 2
A substantial array of existing enemies, mechanics, and tools
means no two dungeons are ever quite the same

At the moment, much of the modding support is self-contained with Super Dungeon Maker, with all the enemies, building blocks, and dungeon elements contained within the game's level editor. Then, when players have produced their gentle joyride or sadistic gauntlet of challenges, they can share it to the mod.io hub for the game, as well as download other creators' levels to put their skills to the test. Almost 900 levels are currently available to play, and with more tilesets to come, the variety present will expand as the game develops.

Image 1

With plenty already to choose from, more tilesets are on their way to further diversify your creations

A launch discount of 20% is currently available for the game over on Steam, and although in early access, already has thousands of players creating hundreds of new levels to enjoy. You can check out the existing mods for Super Dungeon Maker over on mod.io here.

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