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An article that tells you what are the main objective of this game.

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You are nobody. Just a nameless wandering person in Hoyuland.
But this is a place full of opportunities, even to nameless guys like you.
You want fame, wealth, power or friends? Or maybe, all of them?
You can get all of them if you are strong enough.
Or lucky enough.

Rule of the elves are doomed. Magic is no longer invincible in Hoyuland. The 18 alchemists brought technologies. Technologies changed everything. Chariots, cellphones, machines are all over the place now. The "Age Of Great Elf Empire" has gone. Now is the "Age Of Bounty Hunter".

But the peace, never comes.

The ultimate objective:
Become the richest bounty hunter, or the strongest;
Become the most powerful man, or the most famous one;
Prevent Hoyuland from being destroyed by "Unknown power";

Ways to achieve the objective:
Carefully select your hometown;
Build your own house;
Mine, lumber, plant to make money, or make a live by finding yourself a job;
Craft weapon, clothes or chariots;
Trace wanted men/monsters and get their bonus;
Become the leader of your hometown, and start a war (will ya?);
Trace Syura, the one who is killing all the 18 alchemists;
Carefully make your choice in dialogue;
Discover the secrets hidden under Hoyuland, or maybe, in the sky?
Complete raids again and again, and again, and again. To get a weapon which can makes you satisfied;
Jump into dungeons again and again, and again, and again. To get...wow, you won't survive that.

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