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Curious about SomniuM? Check out its Story, game modes and characters in this feature article!

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Jack, a young man who became a soldier to fight in the biggest war that humanity has ever seen.
During a bloody battle, Jack was hit by a weird grenade explosion. When he woke up, he found himself in an odd fairy-like world, populated by talking animals and giant insects.
There, he’ll meet Zurey, a native of the place who will convince him to help her people stop the invasion of scary metallic creatures that are slowly taking the place of the peaceful animals of her world. Where are these “robots” coming from? How did Jack arrive in this world and how will he go back to his?

Find out his story in SomniuM - A Dream Long Adventure!

Game Modes

Modern Campaign:
In a blend of old school action and modern rpg-like gameplay, destroy hordes of robotic enemies in order to obtain energetic cores to buy potions, weapons and power-ups!

Arcade Campaign:
Earn points and medals for each kill or killing streak. Receive weapons, potions and power-ups as you play; will you be able to obtain a grade S at the end of each level?


Jack, the hero:
Believed from the natives to be a warrior sent from the Gods; Jack, thanks to his human weapons and to the special potions prepared by the natives, is the only one able to fight the invading robots.

Always happy and spoiled, they were living in peace with the surrounding nature, until the animals from their world have been “changed” with wicked robotic copies.

Nobody knows where they are coming from and what they want, but they are taking the place of the happy animals and slowly invading the world. They must be stopped, and who knows? Maybe they know a way to send Jack back home.

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