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Since each Starpoint Gemini sequel had a different perspective on the events in the SPG universe, but they are all linked, we've decided to make a quick rundown of all major events dating back to a period even before the original Starpoint Gemini took place.

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Just to give you a heads up - timeline stops just as Starpoint Gemini 3 is about to begin. We wouldn't want to spoil it for you...

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Gemini timeline

First human expedition arrives on the planet Mars and establishes several permanent outposts

Construction of the first Martian city and a planetary shipyard

Colonization from both Earth and Mars spreads further to other planets of the Solar system

Horrible tragedy on Earth during testing of an advanced new ship propulsion for extra-solar travels. Main governments and corporations evacuate to Mars

Colonial Alliance is founded and includes all colonized planets of the Solar system

Colonial Alliance returns to Earth and starts a war with the remaining population in order to establish a new social structure

War on Earth ends, new Earth Alliance is established and it includes the planet Earth and six Solar colonies

Construction of the first Starpoint, a gateway to Sirius system

First scientific and military vessels enter Sirius system. A new colonization begins

Colonized planets in the Sirius system in open rebellion against Earth Alliance. State of emergency is declared

Earth Alliance crushes the Sirius rebellion. First Colonial Directorate is established in Sirius to maintain order

Foundation of the Earth Empire, all emergency jurisdiction is permanently in the hands of High Governor and his Council

Colonization of Orion system begins, second Colonial Directorate introduced

Science vessel „Nostromo“ investigates newly discovered wormhole and reaches the Gemini system, very unusual and unstable system with large number of habitable planets

Starpoint Gemini constructed, colonization begins rapidly, third Colonial Directorate founded

Empire begins the Orion Project, the creation of enhanced humans based on uncovered alien technology

First uprising erupts in now very populated and wealthy Gemini system

starpoint gemini 1

Enhanced human clones in Orion start an open rebellion. Imperial Command attempts to shut down the project

Colonial Directorate defeated in Gemini, the Starpoint incident closes the Starpoint and Gemini remains separated from the Empire

Empire makes the first contact with a presumably extinct alien species in the Orion system. Aliens help human clones in the rebellion

Imperial forces are driven out of the Orion system. Project Eulogy begins with great haste.

First two Leviathans cross to Orion system, both get destroyed in heavy battles

Human hybrid clones invade Imperial main space with the alien support

Empire is losing grip on its main space. It is driven to desperate measures. Two Leviathans travel to Sirius system but are lost without a trace. Spread out imperial armada abandons search.

Starpoint Gemini is reopened, second Gemini war ends. Empire suddenly commands full withdrawal of all remaining forces to Gemini system, including the remaining Leviathans. Earth in the Solar system is no longer the foothold of humankind.

starpoint gemini 2

Battered Empire seizes a small territory in Gemini and attempts to regain its strength as it becomes apparent that the A'Shriari aliens stopped advancing into this system

Last remnants of Colonial Directorate in Gemini are destroyed. Secret alien incursions committed by a faction that goes by the name „Brotherhood“ begin

Many Gemini factions, united by the fear of the Empire returning to power, start a relentless campaign to drive them out of Gemini.

Empire crumbles completely and disappears. Starpoint gateway is operational again.

Last refugee group to arrive in Gemini from former imperial main space, establishes a unique faction called Solari Concord. Other Gemini factions see them as the Empire supporters and attack them immediately.

starpoint gemini warlords

Concord scientists and engineers assemble first Proxima from the old imperial Leviathan blueprints, a planet-destroying weapon that turned the tide of war.

Solari Concord survives the attacks from other Gemini factions and manages to coexist with them. They lead more and more frequent expeditions through the Starpoint to other forgotten imperial systems. News finally arrive about the developments there and the aliens’ intentions now that the war is over.

A'Shriari race declares they have no desire to eliminate the human race, and that their goal was to bring the Empire down. They sign a peace treaty according to which they are to return to their space but keep their presence in the former Empire systems to oversee the situation there.

After almost half a century, human factions Nexus and MultiOps send their colonization ships from Gemini to repopulate and rebuild the old imperial territory in the Sirius and Solar systems. They meet a new faction called Liberland. The Empire is no more, but its legacy lies in the Templar faction that is secretly working to restore it.

starpoint gemini 3

...to be continued!

History lesson over, thanks for reading!

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