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Fight hordes of mad Space Toads in this classic arcade shooter for Google Chrome. 100% indie, 100% one-man job. Yep, everything:) The Burger of Truth has been stolen and you are the only hope to make things right. Are you up for the challenge?

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Main features:

  • energising, fast-paced gameplay
  • relentless hordes of enemies
  • randomised elements to add some variation, stuff like enemy strength, chance for a powerup drop - Diablo style:)
  • "Enrage AI" - when the toad gets within a certain distance from your Red Dragon, it doesn't just simply attack. It actually goes into a more agressive mode - the decission when and if to attack is up to the toad (most attack pretty soon still)
  • epic soundtrack, and exquisite sound effects for the true connoisseur
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