Game ConceptThe game is an open world multi-player RPG, first person, third person shooter played across many different, varying environments. The player takes the place of a teen who has to learn a variety of different skills in conjunction with other players in order to defeat the primary antagonists. These skills can vary between combat on the ground through to piloting space ships against the game series common enemy.The project is in the early development stage.The Multi-Player Game Theme:
The current setting is the children organizing and training to fight off the companies exterminating forces. Military ships and weapons have been discovered in violation of Earths non militarization order. The children must learn how to use them and organize a fighting force to not only fight off the coming attack from Earth but also contend with military robots activated by the company on the planets and in space to kill the children. The children discover that they will need a bionic implant to keep from dieing from the virus when they enter puberty.
The game will be centered around doing missions to gain program upgrades (skills) for their implants to enhance their training in the Bionic Marine corps and the Space Fleet. The Game will take place in the two academies witch will be located on the planets and space stations located in each system.

Space Dwarves skills:
The Space Dwarves game will use a skill gain system augmented with a talent tree system.
Space Dwarves has 48 different Skills currently in game which determine the capabilities of your Character. You can expend up to 600 points between these however you desire. Each skill has an individual cap of 100 points. In order to improve in a skill you simply carry out the associated actions. For example, if you wish to train in pistol, simply fight Monsters with a pistol equipped. Likewise, casting a Fishing Pole out into the water is all it takes to become a better Fisherman. Class templates:
While the game is an open skill system it pays to choose a class template Class templates offer bonuses to that classes group of skills based on the number of skill points gained in the classes skill group. Bonuses will be gained for every 100 points gained in the classes skill group with a bonus for having all 600 points in the class group.

Multi-player server structure.
Players will have a list of open games that they may join or have the option to create a game for their specific needs. Several open world/space and auction/trade games will always be running without the need for players to create them.The players may make games like in Diablo that will be either open world/space, player verses player, instance, open space or battle fields.
Open world/space will be able to hold a maximum of 24 players and will not have password or player verses player options. Instance games will also be for player housing and auction/trade games. These games will always be the same as open world with a maximum of 24 players and be open to all.The auction system will be accessible across all open games.Player verses player, instance and battle field games will all have a maximum number of players that can join chosen by the creator of the game (maximum of 24 players).All instance created games will have a much smaller load time as well as much less lagg do to the client only needing to load that one area and much smaller player counts.

The Space Dwarf Social Network will be accessible before the character selection screen so that the players can find out what their friends are doing and purchase premium items before they choose what characters to play. Think mini facebook inside the game. The players gui for this will look like a futuristic Iphone.

Missions (Quests)Random missions.

Random quest system with random objectives.These will be obtained through the characters smart-phone type device. These missions will be repeatable as many times as the player would like except that they can only take one random mission at a time.Theme/area specific missions.
These missions can only be gotten from specific NPC’s from specific areas. (Some of them may be required to get into certain areas or higher level dungeons.) Many of them may not be repeatable.

Daily missions.

These can only be taken after the player has reached their skill cap of 600. They may only be taken once every 24 hour period. The reword for daily quests may include talent points or high end loot items up to artifact level.

Legacy missions.

These are missions that pertain to the players specific class story. Players will not be able to move onto legendary missions or areas until they have completed their legacy missions.Legendary missions.
These can only be taken after the player has completed all their legacy missions.
They may only be taken once every 24 hour period. (But they may not be the daily missions. They will be a separate mission that will not include daily points as rewords.)

Legendary games will always be created to be a full open PvP game. They cannot be password protected. To complete a legendary mission the players will have to defeat many waves of mini boss and higher level mobs to get the legendary boss to spawn. Legendary bosses are the only place in game that the legendary items can be obtained. Legendary areas may be battle fields were only mech’s can enter, space levels or military complexes for bionic ground forces.Raid missions.
These can only be taken after the player has reached their skill cap of 600.
Single objective raid missions will have a maximum of 8 players. They will be in one of the 3 types of areas, battle field, space or military ground operation.
Muli-objective raid missions can have up to 24 players broken into 3 groups of 8. Each group would have its own objective to complete within its own area type. The entire operation cannot be completed without all the teams completing their area objectives. Some objectives will not be able to complete without an objective being completed by one of the other groups.