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Space Colonist is essentially a sandbox game, where the player is allowed to create his own colony and expand to other planets. You start the game by landing on a procedurally generated terrain with a random group of colonist (for now). To survive, you'll have to collect food and building materials. The more wealth you amass the more likely you'll be besieged by space pirates. To the game be more challanging you can not only by attacked from space by pirates but also native spicies of the planet

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Space Colonist - Update 0.24a

Space Colonist now in 0.24 alpha. I improve colonist jobs system. Now you can change job selected colonist to another.

In this menu you can pick colonist and change job.

Screenshot 2016 05 04 11 28 23

In future I will add more jobs, but for now is five jobs.

More Features:

- fix bug with deposit resource in stockpile

- fix bug stucking colonist in wall

- you can have more than one of colonist with same job!

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