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Post feature RSS Shujinkou: Introducing the KANAKAE System!

Learn how players will be able to learn Japanese hiragana, katakana, and kanji and defeat malicious demons with this action-packed gameplay mechanic!

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RELEASE FOR PC | Mac | Linux | Nintendo Switch | Playstation 4 | Xbox One



The following graphic explains how the KANAKAE system will work!

Shujinkou's Kanakae System

Find an enlarged version of the image here


Enemies will have a couple of weaknesses due to the way they are spelled; this works in conjunction with the plot (displayed below for convenience). For example, 鬼 (おに) Demon is weak to two different types of KANA Orbs that your three protagonists, Shu, Jin, and Kou will be able to find throughout the world of Shujinkou and the land of Genya. This means that using the お or に hiragana will deal massive amounts of damage to the おに (Oni) demon.

Another example would be 兎 (うさぎ) Rabbit, which has three different weaknesses. The thing to keep note of though, is that most levels will have your KANA Orbs set, meaning that you may not be able to use one or two of the three orbs that Rabbit is weak to. You will need to determine which of the five KANA Orbs you are assigned is effective and use that to defeat the millions of Rabbits and other monsters that lie in wait!

What about Katakana and Kanji? We will leave that for a future article. Please follow the development of this game by signing up on the mailing list Projectsjk.co or watch this game on IndieDB.


Shujinkou Plot

Next time, we will also look more into the three main protagonists, Shu, Jin, and Kou, and learn more about their personalities and backstory.

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