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Showcasing Shinobi Story's progress over 2021, Map Changes, and more!

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Hello Ninja,

It was warms my heart greatly to report than Shinobi Story has had an amazing year of Development!

It did not always start this way, however. Our first alpha was launched in early 2020, and it flopped big time. There was no content, 80% of the map was flat and green, there were no creatures, few NPCs, and truly very little to actually do. Some people equated it to a running simulator; I would have to sadly agree with them.

That all changed.

Our development team took the reigns and begun an intense year of hard work to bring Shinobi Story back to life. Today, almost one year later we are proudly before you presenting our work.

Watch the YouTube Video: Youtu.be

We are humbly thankful to everyone who has been with us on this journey! <3

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