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The full explanation of what we want Seas of Vengeance to become

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Seas of Vengeance:

It started out when I thought of how cool a game would be to simulate the terrifying, tense, fast paced naval combat conceptualised by the many paintings we have from the 18th century. With pillars of smoke smothering the air, blazing fires across the decks flicking out hot ambers, loud booms of cannon shot that could tear a sailor's head off, and the constant charging of men across the wooden decks slashing and thrusting their swords into one another, in an attempt to draw blood and spill it over the decks of the ship.

This image remained in my mind for a bit and then I thought of the name Seas of Vengeance. I game which aims to show the truly bloody and devilish side to these battles.

Seas of Vengeance aims to give an immersive RPG experience, giving the player the free choice to embark on whatever journey that pleases the player. Whether the player wants to become a deadly pirate, an experienced privateer or a respected naval officer, even whether the player wants to turn his/her back on the country that raised him/her and siege ports, starting his/her very own faction in the world of Seas of Vengeance.

Seas of Vengeance, however, aims to be a persistently online world ran by players. That admiral you just did a mission for wasn't an NPC, he was a real person roleplaying within the persistent universe. That bloodthirsty pirate that just attacked your ship, slaughtered your crew and burned your sailors down -- he was a real person, looking to gain some money within the persistent world.

This is the dream of Seas of Vengeance. More information to come soon

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