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S2ENGINE HD offers some of the coolest features modern game engines can offer: Cutting-edge graphics, advanced AI, "All-In-One" integrated editor, powerful physics and animation engine.

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The following is a list containing the major features performed by S2ENGINE HD 1.4.0:


  • High Dynamic Range (HDR)
  • Deferred shading
  • Threaded geometry occlusion system
  • Terrain rendering
    • Dynamic LOD
    • Texture splatting
    • Vegetation system
    • Roads system
  • Hardware instancing
  • Impostors
  • Cascade shadow mapping
  • Omnidirectional shadow mapping
  • Spot shadow mapping
  • Projective textures
  • Sea rendering with caustics
  • Sky rendering with dynamic clouds
  • Advanced material system
    • Multilayered materials for micro and macro details
    • Subsurface scattering and translucency
    • Physically based BDRF shading
  • Dynamic lights
  • Atmosphere scattering
  • Dynamic night and day cycle
  • Image based lighting
    • Local cube environment for both specular and diffuse reflections
    • Dynamic specular cube reflections
  • Dynamic weather system
    • Rain
    • Wind
  • Post processing effects
    • Depth of field
    • Advanced ambient occlusion
    • Screen space global illumination (SSGI)
    • Lens effects
    • Color correction
    • Bloom
    • Automatic exposure control
    • Camera and objects motion blur
    • Sun shafts a.k.a. "God rays"
    • Realtime Local Reflections (RLR)
    • Screen space antialiasing

RLR in S2ENGINE HD 1.4.0


  • Threaded animation system
  • Animation blending
  • Animation masking


  • NVIDIA Physx integration:
    • Rigid bodies
    • vehicles
    • ragdolls
    • joints
    • sweep test
    • buoyancy


  • Music tracks blending
  • Positional audio
  • volume and pitch control


  • Modular
  • Helpers
    • Tactical and cover points
    • Rich script library for controlling tactics
  • Steering behaviours
  • Path finding
  • Proprietary script language
  • Visual event handling integrated tool
    • Events and actions are nodes of an event tree
  • Integrated and advanced message system
    • Messages can be delayed
    • Messages can be processed and tested in-editor


  • Editor built upon S2ENGINE integrated GUI system
  • Objects inspector
    • Realtime Message handling
    • drag 'n drop object placing
    • drag 'n drop model assigning
    • drag 'n drop material assigning
  • Integrated Terrain tool
    • Integrated Vegetation tool
    • Integrated roads tool
  • Integrated material editor
  • Integrated script viewer
    • External editor is accessible from viewer
  • Integrated night and day managing system
  • Integrated post processing effects tool
  • Integrated models and animations tool for managing/adjusting imported assets
  • Integrated cutscene editor
  • Integrated event handling tool
  • Project managing
    • Runtime Application "publishing"
    • Resources and assets managing
      • Resource synchronization
      • Assets browsers
      • Assets inspectors
  • Multiple external 3d formats supported:
    • OBJ
    • BLEND
    • ASE
    • 3DS
    • Direct X


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