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Learn how we handle the prop placement in each room and what are some of the main rooms of the game.

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Rooms and Props

Room props and their internal layout are procedurally generated when the floor is created. We have a collection of different walls which accommodate themselves in a way that doesn’t become repetitive. Most of the selection uses a weighted collection, making some props more unlikely to be chosen than others. We also have grass in every room, but is likely grass will become a biome in the future.

Currently, props are only aesthetics to make things look different, but we plan to add some elements of interaction to them, so they are not rigid background elements.

On the Unity Editor the configuration for the complete layout of the room use this custom script:

We call it “The Mega Sprite” since it ends up creating this one big room sprite with everything on it. You can see in the image above that we handle the four walls as different sections and we also have a prop section. This is both a logical area and a sprite collection, this allows us to avoid placing big props in walking paths and so on.

The Filter at the end helps us add some rules for the placement of elements, in the case of props we have rules that make them look more organic when placed close together.

Room Types

Room Types are by far the most important part of the game, this is where our imagination start running and options wide up. During a floor you will find different types of rooms, each room will have a sort of “condition” that needs to be met to continue forward, and they can alter anything on the floor.

Room “conditions” can go from just reaching the room, which means the doors will open (or never close) as soon as you enter the room, to solving a puzzle, or defeating all the enemies, or holding off waves of mushrooms.

On the GUI you will always see this button:

This is a contextual room button, its action and icon will depend on the room you are, so for example, if you are holding a shield and you enter a room where you can make use of it the icon will change to the following:

So, if you click it you’ll block/parry.

On the other hand, there is something that will remain constant as you go through the rooms and that is moving using the arrows.

Empty Room

The most basic and generic room of all: The Empty Room. Its “condition” is just entering, so it will never block your path, it has no interaction other than the arrows (and maybe props someday?) and you can relax in there, browse your inventory, check the minimap and just chill in general.

Chest Room

This room will be your favorite for sure, it contains a chest at the middle which will always have one or more items for you to use.

Items are procedurally generated as you would expect, but wouldn't be really bad if you get very deep in the dungeon just to find a low-quality item? To avoid this problem there is a quality factor that runs through the whole floor, this means that the farthest you are from the start the better this factor is, which also means exploring is always good! The deeper you get the better your reward, just don't let it get into your head, challenges will be greater too.

The room “condition” of the Chest Room is just entering, so it will never block your path and if you don’t want to open the chest it will remain closed till you decided to do it, but if you open it you have only that one time to decide what to do with the items inside it, once closed it will never open again, so think well about what you will equip.

Chest room will be on every floor, these are one of the main rooms that will make you be powerful enough to defeat all your enemies so keep looking for them.

Artifact Chest Room

This room works in the same way as a Chest Room, but with two special characteristics.

First, it will only appear if you have equipped the Chest of Awe Artifact when entering a new floor, adding a room in a random available location not used by another room.

Second, regardless of where it appears in regards to the distance from the start, it will always contain items with the higher quality possible for that floor, which means good items are guaranteed :D!

As an added note, chests will have a different animation when you open it and it has the best quality for the floor, so you know you got the best goodies ~

At a following update we will keep exploring some of the rooms we have in the game!

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See you soon shrooms

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