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In this dev diary we present all 10 cars from the game, their attributes and possible strategies.

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In this dev diary we want to talk about the different cars that we created and how they will affect the way you play the game.

We made 2 images to show to you:

ritg car matrix

ritg cars infographic

As you can see, the first image shows a matrix where each car has an influence on two attributes. If you want to understand the math, the default values are 100 for each attribute. The influence in one attribute boosts it by +30 and give a -10 for the others.



The idea is to give a different way to play with each car. The Tucanado for example is the fastest car on the game, but as it doesn't have a good turning rate and defense, you need to play VERY carefully in order to not crash and burn. In the other hand, when you play with a Tankhum, you can take the defense advantage and trample the smaller cars.

If you don't want to play with any "pure attribute" car (Tucanado for speed, Inighty for acceleration, Signal for turning and Tankhum for defense), you can choose something with an interesting combination.

Hamshark is great to get those cars just leaving a curve and hit them on the wall. The Old Corvette can be unstoppable if you have skills to mantain it its max speed with the help of its high acceleration. The Cytara can be awesome as a fast and crazy car, because of its high defense it can just snipe other cars while they break in a curve.

We hope that those different attributes can be a fun and challenging way to play the game. We still have a lot of tests to do and level everything, but we are happy with the results so far.

In the next development diary we are going to talk about the procedural technology system, and how it can affect those car stats in absurd ways.

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