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This is the realease article for the game Reva by Malik Games. It includes summary, features, images and video from the game.

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Reva is a 3D adventure game. You embark a trip with the caracther Garion, a noble person who has lost what he most valued, his loved one. After years of solitude, the world became dark and cold. One day, a beam of light came from the sky, a fallen guardian, Alba. Garion now must restore balance of his world. For that, he must face his inner self, and defeat the guardian of darkness, Nigrum.


  • Cutscenes
  • Third Person Shooter
  • Puzzle
  • 3D
  • Boss Fights( and Mini-Boss)
  • Dungeon-style levels
  • First-steps tutorial
  • Easy controllers


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  • Malik Games(Saulo Soares)

For more pictures and videos of gameplay, please head to the section of videos and images from the game.

Thank you very much!

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