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Resonate developer, Keith Nieves, talks about what is on the horizon for his project "Resonate".

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Although some people might think that Resonate is over with this last build that I released, I want to set the record straight that I have begun the full dev cycle of "Resonate" as a full featured game. I do not have any concrete release dates or anything like that planned at the moment but that doesnt mean that you all (as players and developers) can't have a part in this. I will be streaming development on Resonate on my twitch.tv channel ("thatPhillyDev") and I will also be updating my personal website with musings on game design, level design as well as awesome responses from playtesters.

On that same hand, a colleague of mine and myself are road tripping around the country to Game Developers Conference this year and stopping at game studios all along the way. This will be a great opportunity to get feedback from the developers who have "made it". The trip in its entirety is approximately one month long (March 14th - April 9th). Once I come back the stream on Twitch will be full of me deving and implementing that feedback given to me. The stream will also allow for you guys to interact with me and give feedback or ask questions on the process!

In the meantime, I look forward to see you all on the stream as well as continuing to give me feedback on this project as it comes to life in the coming year.

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