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This is an article on previous versions of the game.

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Psycho Night has been in development since late 2015. It also has been restarted many times, and this current version may stay. This article will show you the previous versions of the game.

1st Version: The original game was being made on an engine called 3DRad. The game began development shortly before the abandonment of 3DRad's Creator. After the creator abandoned 3DRad, many assets were lost. However the community brought it back to life with a forum. I joined the forum, and did updates on there.

The game didn't look very good, the model was not as detailed, animations weren't as smooth, & there wasn't much choice in shaders. It was harder for scripting, because it had it's own language as well.

Here is an image:


2nd and 3rd version: After Psycho Night being restarted a couple times, I kept remaking the project. The game still looked the same, I just added a little more. I added a 1st Person Mode, QTEs, Affective Decisions, and cutscenes. However, I once again failed. This time I discovered that 3DRad couldn't handle the type of game I was making. So it was time to try again, but with different plans.

Here are some images:


4th Version: This is the current version. The game was moved to Unity 5, and was restarted completely. No assets from the original were added. Everything look highs quality, and runs very fast. The game now is so ahead from what it was, I am sure this is the final attempt.

Here are some images:

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