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This update brings NPCs, less lag and dialogue boxes!

Posted by on Changelog:

*Renamed versions to Pre-Alpha
*Fixed scrollbar in changelog..again
*Fixed respawning not working in other zones than The Hills
*Fixed the tutorial level not explaining sprinting
*Fixed unmovable bug in the tutorial level
*Fixed NPCs making a weird jump when falling from a larger distance
Note: Updater should now work 100% with clients using 0.1.8 and above

0.1.10 Changelog:

Added first NPC ever
Added AI
Added dialogues for NPCs
Added more cheats
Added a popup for when you go outside of the map
Added melee attack
Added popups
Improved HUD
Improved GUI
Improved the Tutorial level
Reduced lag
Cleaned up
*Fixed fall damage
*Fixed items crashing sometimes
*Fixed random shadow appearing when shooting in air

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