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In this article we are going to explain the features of the Interactive Ai and Loot systems that have been integrated into playground.

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Playground AI uses multiple heavily modified addons in order to bring you the most advanced interactive AI available! Check the Credits file for a full list of utilized resources.

1. VJ Base is one of the addons utilized, short for Vrej Base, is an addon that is used to create many different types of addons. It's especially used for creating SNPCs, as it comes with one of the most advanced artificial intelligence that exists in Garry's Mod. Check out the feature list to get an idea of what the base does.
Version - 2.12.4
Source - GitHub[github.com]
Changelog - Change Notes

interactive ai

Features may differ between playgrounds version and the original addon. Not all features are listed!

  • Playgrounds Custom Additions
    • Multiple player and NPC interaction systems.
    • Intelligent Item dropping and loot system on NPCs death.
    • Auto deploying Self Defense Mechanisms.
    • NPC Player Relationships based off RP teams.
    • Shop NPC
    • NPC mission system.
    • and more..
  • Spawn and Settings Menu
    • Automatically adds SNPCs, weapons, entities, etc. to the VJ Base spawn menu
    • Includes a search bar for the spawn menu!
    • Developers can add icons for different categories in the spawn menu!
    • Organized and easy-to-use spawn menu
    • Full customization for SNPCs and weapons (To be released: HUDs and Crosshairs)
    • All settings and options are convars that can also be changed through the console
    • Useful Clean up buttons!
    • Translation of the whole base into multiple languages!
    • Report bugs or give suggestions in-game
    • Installed addons tab that reads all installed VJ addons
    • Information and developer tab
    • A lot more!
  • SNPC Bases
    • Creature and Human bases
    • Subbases:
      • Tank chassis and tank gunner bases
      • Flying, aquatic and stationary move types
  • SNPC Features
    • Almost everything is customizable through the menu and console
    • Difficulty System (Ex: Easy, normal, etc. - Dozens of levels!)
    • Behavior System (Ex: Passive, aggressive, neutral, etc.)
    • Advanced melee, range and leap attack (Ex: Unlimited number of attacks!)
    • Realistic Hearing System (Ex: Loudness affects the distance, investigate sounds, etc.)
    • Realistic Environment Interactions (Ex: pushing certain props towards the enemy, throwing grenades back, opening doors, etc.)
    • Realistic Relationships with class system (Ex: Allies helping each other, player allies turning against the player, calling for help, etc.)
    • Realistic Reactions (Ex: Spotting grenades, following the player, etc.)
    • Dialogue system which allows it to speak to players & other NPCs, can create custom dialogue between different NPCs!
    • Player Reactions (Ex: Bleeding, slowing down, screen blur, etc.)
    • Sounds (Ex: Pitch, volume, anti-overlap, stops when dead, etc.)
    • Blood System (Ex: Custom decals, particles, blood pools, etc.)
    • Dismemberment System (Ex: Damage force, decals, particles, etc.)
    • Bodygroups and Skins (Ex: Skin color, clothing, etc.)
    • Dynamic cover system for humans, will hide behind objects or walls and use it as cover!
    • Guarding system, they will protect a given position and will never abandon it
    • Weapon inventory system for humans, will change weapons depending on the situation
    • Misc Animations (Ex: Flinch, death, scared, angry, etc.)
    • Advanced task system which can fail & succeed and it can chain different tasks together!
    • Custom Corpses (Ex: Editable corpse limit, blood pools, combine ball support, etc.)
    • Some have rare drops (Ex: Grenade, health vial, etc.)
    • Notifications (Ex: "Blank no longer likes you!")
    • Supports servers with different tick rates!
    • Properties Menu (C menu) with bunch of options!
  • Weapon Features
    • NPC Controller (With custom HUD)
    • Weapon translation system that comes built in for many popular animation sets, developers can define their own!
    • Adds weapons that can be used by NPCs and some by Players:
      • Blaster, K-3, Ak-47, Glock 17, M4A1, MP 40, Flare Gun, SMG1, SPAS-12, .357 Magnum, 9mm Pistol, AR2, RPG, Crossbow, SSG-08, Crowbar
    • Custom synchronization system between client and server, allowing for proper bullet spawn position for NPC weapons!
    • Weapons can effect an NPC's accuracy, firing distance and behavior!
    • All animations sets (combine, metrocop, rebel) can use all hold types!
    • Custom effects and particles
    • Secondary fire system for NPCs!
    • Melee weapon system for NPCs!
    • Firing gestures for NPCs!
    • Ability to give NPCs a custom firing pattern!
    • Misc animations(Ex: Idle)
    • Most weapons have a distant sound effect that gives a war-like feeling
  • Tools
    • NPC Spawner
    • NPC Property Modifier
    • NPC Mover
    • NPC Bullseye
    • NPC Equipment
    • No Target
    • Entity Scanner
    • Health Modifier
  • Miscellaneous
    • Admin health kit
    • Grenade entity
    • Fireplace
    • Wooden board
    • Flare round
    • Flag
    • Player Spawnpoint
    • Mortar Synth SNPC
    • Test SNPC
  • Addons that are not listed here can be found in the resource credits list.
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