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Here are some of the first enemies one will encounter while playing Emerge: Cities of the Apocalypse.

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In the dystopian future of Emerge: Cities of the Apocalypse, you will travel around the world trying to restore civilization and eliminate the undead threat. No matter where you go, your surroundings will always be infested with walking (or limping, or crawling) horrors: from the slow-shuffling, easy-to-dispatch Limper, to the acid-dripping Spitter, every mission has something new and frightening.

Here are the most common enemies of the game. Many more enemies appear as you progress in the campaign!


"Thing is, the dead stay dead no more. Nobody knows how it started. But I can tell you this. It can look like your father or mother. It can look like your friendly neighbour who smiled at you every morning going to work. But it's not them any more. Those perversed, flesh-hungry creatures only serve to challenge your tolerance to profanity; to mock people you used to know and care about. Relieving them from their existence is about the best thing you can do - and quickly, before they reach your barricade in numbers."

Zombies are the backbone of every undead army. Slow and easy to put down, their large numbers can be problematic even for prepared players.


"Looks like it stepped on a landmine, or another freak gnawed on its leg. Regardless, it looks more pissed than your average walking dead. With the cost of prosthetic limbs after the Apocalypse, can't blame them either. Trying to convince it you can't fix its leg won't work, so aim straight and pray it'll be hopping free again in whatever afterlife the damned are granted."

Slower and slightly more durable than zombies, limpers will pose no significant threat other than soaking up your bullets and swarming your barricade. Their irregular start-and-stop walking may also annoy seasoned snipers.


"Some dead just refuse to feel better. The sheer willpower of a blank mind is indeed a sight to behold. Torso? Check. Hands? Check. Head? Check. Nothing else is needed to waste some valuable ammunition of yours, while the more dangerous undead are running around. Consider true death to be their other long-lost half, and do what you must."

The third most common undead type, crawlers will easily dodge weapon fire with a large spread radius due to their reduced size. They are also harder to see while lots of undead bodies are lying around.


"'Kill it with fire'... Heck, them Old World gags just ain't funny anymore. It's impossible to figure out what keeps it going. Maybe the dead needed to throw in a bright example of a heated adversary. Apparently these necrotic torches find comfort in lunging towards your defenses. Burn marks on my left arm don't lie; avoid its warm hug at all costs."

Just when you thought that all zombies are slow and weak, those guys appear running towards your barricade, in flames and smoke, causing heavy damage. Burning ones can and will destroy you easily if you let too many of them slip through. Aim for the head, they will be staggered for a long time, providing you with the much-needed time window to finish them off!


"A lab coat would say that the necrotic tissue of the undead is more susceptible to mutations from radiation overdose. Right as they might sound, it just doesn't make it look better in your eyes. Many a survivor tried to deal with a spitter, thinking it's just some ugly zombie with a bad case of flu, and ended up with no face. Keeping your distance won't suffice; this acid-dripping mess will keep melting your defenses from afar."

The first ranged enemy of the game is also the main reason barricades go down the zero-hitpoint hole and entire mission are lost. Shoot them in the head, throw grenades at them, set squadmates to fire at ranged enemies, whatever you do, don't leave more than 2-3 of them alive and spitting at the same time!


"Don't listen to what ignorant fools say. I'll tell you this, animals weren't normally affected by this curse. When it all started, and coffins started coughing their stuffing back up, some lab eggheads thought they could deploy a vaccine. Guess what animal they first tested it on. Now meet this four-legged rabid menace coming straight from Hell to mess you up, and guess if the vaccine succeeded."

"Sure", you thought, "enemies run in straight horizontal paths"...well, think again. Fast, diagonally moving and attacking with a fury and speed to match their name, hellhounds will put your reflexes to the test.


"When the Apocalypse happened, the army threw itself into the ensuing chaos. Most soldiers that got mauled by zombies had their suits removed by their comrades, because if they returned they would be harder to deal with. But some soldiers never got this courtesy. Trying to find a weakness on them is useless. Only brute force will bring them down. Kinda makes you hate kevlar fashion, too."

The first armored enemy of the game. Soldiers don't usually appear in large numbers but they really don't need to. A group of 4-5 soldiers will come through lower-level teams, their rotting armor gracefully absorbing and deflecting incoming bullets, smashing your barricade in seconds. If that seems tough, consider also that they have no weak spots whatsoever! This is the time where armor-piercing mods and skills, as well as high damage output come into play.

So, this is what new players will have to face in the first missions of the game. And you'd better be able to handle those monstrosities, because lots of other undead creatures and mutated beasts await for your arrival in the later missions! From the zombie-healing Ghul to the exploding-upon-touch Unstable, bullet clips will be spent, keyboards will be banged in frustration, the Apocalypse will claim you!...Or will you persevere?

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